Unleashing the Power of Curiosity: A Guide to Productive Learning Journeys

learning with curiosity is interesting

Efficient Learning Process

Learning is essential for our growth in life. Today, the attention span of a human being is 8.25 seconds. It is very hard to focus on the things that we are going to learn, whether a skillset, building a project, or providing service to the customer. To begin the process of learning we need our mind filled with curiosity. For example, suppose we are watching a YouTube video, where we feel the video is so supremely edited with stunning animations, transitions, and visual effects. That can make our mind curious and involve ourselves to learn a new thing that is “How can we learn about motion graphics” and create it with our customizable story. It can fulfill our curiosity and make us productive.

Here is the process before we dive deep into something that we are going to learn :

We should ask ourselves 2 questions:

  • “What are the objectives of this learning topic?”
  • “What lies ahead upon learning this?”

 For example, if you are self-learning, you might get stuck somewhere. Don’t feel Overwhelmed or Unhappy or Get Bored. Just think of the destination that you are aiming to reach and the things that will be added to your character skillsets, that will motivate you to resume it and make you engage in that. 

Remember learning is a very interesting process, if you have a genuine intellectual curiosity in your mind to fulfill it, you can.

I have given up computer programming 7 times in my life because I never had any aim of the destination where I am going.

Now, I have a clear destination in my mind to develop websites, web apps, and mobile applications. that after learning to code, I can have skillsets of web development and mobile application development on my character and I can bring my idea to reality if I dream it, I can build it on my own. 

Learning a cognitive thing requires focus and a high amount of attention especially if you are learning computer programming.

So whenever I get stuck, I take a small break and write in my journal that:-

 What is my destination? 

Ans: I need to build websites, web apps, and mobile applications. I can distribute my idea through this at scale. for that, I need to be 100% on the topic that I am learning. it is a cognitive topic, I can get stuck, but I will not give up. I will give 100% to reach that destination. 

 What will be added to my character skillsets, (What are the objectives of the learning topic)?

Ans: I can design a prototype or brainstorm it in Figma, I can use HTML and CSS to structure and style my website, and I can use JavaScript to add behavioral actions to the website to perform according to what the user wants it. 

 So learning is a effective process and an interesting one , only if you have a curiosity fulfilled in your mind with objectives and destination to define the process that you are going through.

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