Understanding Anxiety: The Negative Impact on Mental Health


Indian-American Entrepreneur , Philosopher and a Prolific tech investor most respected Naval Ravikant said As human being our no 1 priority should be taking care of our personal health.

Our Personal Health starts with first physical health and mental health.

Our health should be the 1 priority in whatever we do.

Physical health is like taking care of your body, maintaining a good healthy diet, and taking care of it from injuries.

Whereas coming to mental health, it’s the training of the behavior of the mind which responds to the outside world.

For me and my father, it’s been a challenging thing to handle anxiety attacks. But my father has almost recovered from it, I have seen him in my childhood suffering from that and therefore I understand how difficult is to control the thoughts that occur in our mind. I also suffer from that along with my age and anxiety consistently increases.



Let’s see the trend from a long period of time how the topic “MENTAL HEALTH” is trending in the internet.

Mental Health topic trend on google
Google trend on mental health

See it’s increasing in worldwide.

We know that we live in a society and that human beings are the only species.

Mental health might be an embarrassing topic to discuss for some human beings because they will think that he or she might be mad or something, but that’s not. Mental health is a part of our personal health. We need to take care of that, we need to discuss that.

Mental health problems include :
Panic attacks
Childhood trauma and many more

I will be talking about Anxiety with all of you.

Everyone in the world has anxiety, a state of worry.


Imagine a person crossing the road, the signal is red and the countdown timer is 10 seconds.
The mind of the person will be in a state of anxiety:
What if the signal turns green when I cross the road?
What if the signal countdown timer turns to 0 all of a sudden?



Imagine a student preparing for an exam for the last 6-9 months and he learned and practiced everything that is included in the syllabus.
He sits for mock exams in an institution and gets a hard question paper, and a situation arises in his mind. I prepared very hard for the exam but these questions are too much for me to answer. What if these questions come in the real exam, I might get fail. The mind asks the question “Hey, what have you studied in the last 6 months”. you seemed to be confident before the exam but see yourself now. “That’s the voice that going to speak”. That’s the anxiety.
The WHAT IF things are very common ANXIETY in our life.

Similarly from students to doctors to working professionals to athletes each and every person on the planet has that.

The mind always questions whatever you’re going to do.

It will create an alert.

But it’s okay if we do not get alerts from our minds about how can we live in the real world.

But things get more complex when we think about it over and over again.

  • The Symptoms of high anxiety are:
    1) Sweating
    2) High Heartbeat
    3) Dizzyness
    4) Racing thoughts in our mind
    5) Bombarded with overthinking “what might happen”
    6) Not having sleep because of mindless thoughts

Hundred of iterations in :
WHAT WILL HAPPEN THEN after we hear bad news?

THE 100’S OF WHATIF THINGS ARE CREATING ANXIETY about what will happen in the future or what might happen!

Never misunderstood someone if the person has high anxiety and miscommunicated with you. A sense of EGO can be felt here but we need to understand the humanity.

This leads to severe mental health issues, this thing will roam in your mind like a spinning top wherever you go.

This anxiety will trouble the mind.


And we know every human has DNA that made them unique in the world.

We all know we have some kind of anxiety in our mind might be 0.01%.

It differs from person to person.

It might be an embarrassing thing for some people to share with others in public.

But, commonly, the thing is too much anxiety is very hard for the mind to handle it.

To get rid of anxiety or make it happen very less in life we have to train our mind and spend time with ourselves.

I will discuss in my next blog how we can try to conquer anxiety and the methodologies that can help us to recover from it and reduce it.


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